Past events

Future perspective in Clinical Research: are you ready for the next decade?

German ePharma Day 2017 (3 May 2017, Frankfurt am Main): Implementation of Clinical Trial Regulation, EU 536/2014 and National adoption

German ePharma Day 2016 (13 April 2016, Berlin): Patient Centricity in Drug Development

German ePharma Day 2015 (11 June 2015, Munich): Challenges with the new European Regulation and Data Transparency

German ePharma Day 2014 (26 June 2014, Frankfurt am Main): Risk Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials

German ePharma Day 2013 (23 September 2013, Frankfurt am Main): Letting your Strategy drive your technology decisions

German ePharma Day 2012 (26 April 2012, Frankfurt am Main): Traceability in Clinical Trials: from Study Design to Submission

German ePharma Day 2011 (5 May 2011, Munich): Optimizing Value and Quality in Clinical Data with Standards and Data Integration

German ePharma Day 2010 (22 April 2010, Munich): Adaptive Trial Designs: The latest approaches to empower clinical development process and success rates

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